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Listened to the youtube post. I like the grooves you get into here, particularly in the verses. Reminds me a lot of stuff I was big into in the 90s.

I also like the subtle accent guitar(? - might be a synth) delivering the counter melody over the verses.

Good vocals all around. The chorus has a good contrast to the verse musically, especially the shift mono focus to stereo focus (I also like that you do this in the verse a / verse b transitions), but I was hoping for a bigger change in the vocal delivery here. The vocal melodies were sort of a continuation of the verses, and could have potentially gone futher with melody, phrasing or intensity. Still, the vocals are strong. Nice tone.

Good effort all around. I don't really have any nits on the mix. It's quite a dense piece and must have been a challenge in getting everything heard, which you did well.
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