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When I call the following:

  -- Fetch all the tracks
  for i=0,tracks-1 do
    local track   = reaper.GetTrack(project, i)  

    local ret, name = reaper.GetTrackName(track, "                                                              ")
    if ( name ~= "MASTER" ) then  
      local sendidx = reaper.CreateTrackSend(track, spectroTrack)
      local sn = reaper.SetTrackSendInfo_Value(track, 0, sendidx, "I_DSTCHAN", 2*i)

it seems that SetTrackSendInfo_Value doesn't actually create "new" audio channels. It only works for the ones that already exist 1/2, 3/4, 5/6. What's also interesting is that if I go to that track, and I try to add them manually, it still doesn't give me the options 7/8 and higher until I've fiddled around with all the inputs made by the script.

Is it possible to create new audio dest channels from lua (preferably without SWS)?
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