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I never had a CAD mic - just what I heard (hearsay). sm58s have good sound capture pretty much throughout their dynamic range. I was just saying that within their relative dynamic ranges the CAD might have a bit more in the highs? (articulation) so relatively the sm58 have less in the highs meaning the sm58 might sound less high and maybe more 'low' relative to the CAD? anywho well stated by you. I also hear you on clean vs smooth etc on the preamps and the 'style' of music. I appreciate the offer... its out of my range right now... but things change. I definitely use whatever mic works or do a work around to try to get it to work. I am fairly new to digital recording hence the thread. I come from 2" tape... and pressing records on virgin American audiophile plastic or virgin German Teldec DTD. An interesting note: When I was making records most everything was smoother more velvety. Maybe from all the tubes and older types or ribbons and equipment; but cheaper condenser mics at times was quite refreshing. Think old tape with old ribbon mic = kinda dark smooth. (Dark + Dark = DARK) then Old tape analog with say jensen preamp and newer type condenser (Dark + Bright = GRAY) to more modern Digital Capture with modern condenser mics (Bright + Bright = BRIGHT) tc
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