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Default Ardour v reaper

Originally Posted by lilith93 View Post
Just curious: For what do you use Ardour and for what Reaper? Do you prefer one DAW over the other for different tasks?
When I'm working on Windows, I use Reaper exclusively. (Although occasionally to mix tracks I export from Live as well.) I have all the fancy expensive plugins there like melodyne/ozone/etc.

On Linux, I use Reaper for recording, but export the tracks and use Ardour for mixing. I use Reaper for recording because Reafir is better than sliced bread! lol

It's not because of any deficiency in Reaper itself, but because on Linux most available plugins are in LV2 rather than VST format, and Ardour will load both whereas Reaper is limited to VST only. There are some VST format plugins for linux, and some really great ones, but easily 90% of available plugins, including some really awesome ones are LV2 only.

Sometimes you can work around this (e.g. using the Carla VST host to bridge an LV2 plugin) but I find it is less stable than using them natively.
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