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Default I used ardour... switching to REAPER

Yes lilith93 (same one that snubbed Adam? lol) I used Ardour for quite awhile... I like it but in some areas its just not as fast as Reaper. GUI-ly if thats a word. To me Ardour is more simplistic and good for 'certain projects'. Overall Reaper has some REAL PRO abilities. And it is light lean and fast. (Ardour can take 10 seconds or more to load when you near 100 tracks etc) The way sound gets processed is important... especially if you start doing higher quality work. I would still be on Ardour but - what I really like is the way Reaper does its 64-bit internal audio processing.

I feel comfortable having Ardour as a back-up... maybe from some personal habits I developed while using Ardour for a while. (I have never had Ardour crash either) AND like Bmarkhum stated I like to have the option of LV2 plugins some CALF plugins and some old standards too..

Thats what I used for years... but I am blown away by some of Reapers and JS plugins. If I fumble around looking to filter a sound... Ardour is still more familiar.

One note is that I needed to do a lofi vocal in a quality mix and between Audacity and Ardour I got it done good and quick. I needed about a 1.2 bit sampling rate on a vocal. Just where the vocal starts dropping out just a bit to the human ear. (is it breaking up? is that the real voice? gray area)

The other area I still use Ardour is with certain soft synth sounds I like from fluid synth or Bristol. Especially Bristol synth. I can record a synth trumpet through a soft moog... soft dx7...and then thru a soft B-3 organ and then even modulate it... I get off the wall crazy sounds. So when I get writers block that busts me out and I almost always find a cool answer for my want or need.

Reaper is drawing me in fast. But there is huge linux music community for a long time... and to me Ardour is the only linux DAW that fits me. I do a fair amount of comp recordings too... Compilations of say 20 similar recordings of the same vocal and I have developed a fairly fast way of editing a lead vocal track using numerous clips. (Maybe like how they produce Adele and Aguilera)

It comes from my filming backround maybe... do we have enough in the can to edit a movie? I'll keep the wardrobe and film a stand in from the back. And oh ya shoot some landscape scenes for narration and segues. . LOL Ardour still gives me that. If a singer hits a rare performance IMO I want to get some back up sounds from that voice at that time to compile or fix possible errors I did not hear.

I am sure Reaper can do much the same thing even better but when I record an all Reaper song... I will post and let you know. That is my next project. after this one. bless
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