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Default bmarkham... like the set-up

I used KXStudio in its infancy and never got around back to it. Ardour was primal too. When I finally got serious about setting up a stable sys I used Mint (early) and never went back to try KSX again. I love your hot swap OS Hardrive set-up. I just cold swap. I have no bay yet. To me that is freedom. hard drive messes up bang plug another in... music to my ears. If I need LV2 plug in I pop in ARDOUR loaded Hard drive and good to go... stable as a rock. I love the 78 series amd board... big fan of it - I bet you could even plug a old win hard drive in it and it will use the same bios and setting!!! lol BIG PLUS +1 on Focusrite with Cadence - I am Jealous - JACK gets trying for my little mind sometimes. (Mint now offers LVM and Timeshift that was big to me - had to wait long time tho)

Another note... I am hack type guy --- I needed to cool off some amd cpus over the years... I needed thermal paste to do it... I used airplane grade 'red grease' super hi thermal grade. Thin coat. never dried out. believe it or not some PCs the fan stopped working cuz it was so cool... I just put an always on CPU fan atop... Frigid temps... Might be worth looking at with that great 8350
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