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Wink CPU cooling

CPU cooling is an odd bird. My best results have been using a touch of the heatsink material in super fine dust...mixed with that aeronautic thermal 'red grease' yes its cheap or super high grade auto racing red grease or the like. {the thinness of the thermal paste drastically increases the heat transference. In other words: If it has aluminium heat sink... I use super fine aluminium dust. (if i dont have any i sand some off with super fine sand paper or emory cloth 1000 grit +) mix just a little bit of it with red grease and I get at least 10 degrees cooler than any thermal paste. If it is brass/brass dust etc. The red grease fills in imperfections on back of cpu (polishing/lapping it is better - and even better lap off the protective nickel alloy plating... if there is silver on back you are real good BUT IF YOU DO IT BE CAREFUL! practice once on old dead CPU first. Its actually easy. The dust will fill in imperfections on back of heat sink and red grease does the rest. Thermal cooling is an art more than a science imo. [if you really get into it... worth studying the metals that have the finest or 'smallest dust'. cheers
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