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Originally Posted by Nonlinear View Post
If everyone is building hosts and plugins using the same VST SDK how come a VST plugin that works in DAW A doesn't work in DAW B?
Because many of the plugin "standards" don't explicitly determine how the plugins and hosts should work. The SDKs are just header and source files, not detailed explanations for the exact behaviors the plugins and hosts should have. Plugins and hosts will always end up having bugs or behavior inconsistencies because nobody forces them to work in a certain way. (As a counter example, the Propellerhead Rack Extensions have rigorous demands for the plugin developers and Propellerhead will themselves ensure the plugins work as intended.)

And yeah, there are example projects in the SDKs but they do not necessarily cover every use case or even follow good coding practices. The SDK documentations also don't necessarily explain all the fine details involved. Also with things like JUCE and IPlug there is the additional problem that they have to work for multiple plugin formats, which makes things even more complicated.
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