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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
That's not my place to say. Anyway I don't mind using a distro that's more up-to-date. It's what I'll do from now on.
Back when I was into gaming I searched for and found every .dll to every version of DirectX for Windows. When I'd install some older game and it would throw out errors about DirectX, I would just unzip the big bundle of .dlls right into the folder containing the .exe file, and suddenly the game would work because it would find the vesrion of the .dll it wanted.

I would bet the same is true with Linux. So you could just toss the version of a library file into the folder that wanted it and it would find it there, before looking other places specified by a pecking order like a system path. And doing something like that should only consume the space necessary to hold it, but cause no other problems because the system version of the file will always be found first, unless the current directory is the one that contains the alternate copy.
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