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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I agree that SWS and ReaPack are welcome, at least on my system, in Linux. They're some of the things that helped my decision to migrate from Windows to Linux. I could do without ReaPack but it's so much more convenient to use it for maintaining the scripts/plugins whenever possible.
I don't miss them coz I never installed them. Meat and potatoes is all I need. Press record, play something, press play it sounds just like what I played.

I also don't use guitar amp sims, other than to try them out of curiosity. I like keeping up-to-date with my point of view on these things. After trying ToneLib-GFX, I can recommend Linux to even more Windows users.
Have you ever considered creating a very tiny and very low powered guitar amp, say for guys like me who have a twin twelve inch vintage speaker cabinet isolated in a closet with a dedicated high quality mic (Sennheiser MD421 in my case)?

I currently use a cheep Orange Micro Terror 20w amp, but only the preamp side is tube with a 12AX7. The power side is solid state. Size-wise it is perfect to sit in the control room where it can be tweaked, but monitored after going through the mic on the cabinet in the closet, so what you hear is exactly what is being recorded. Anyway, I've seen Marshall has a 1 watt head, but it's as big as a 100 watt amp. Maybe it can't be done in a small package with a tube power amp section. I don't know electronics.

Hopefully LV2 ends up supported in Reaper eventually. I notice there are new LV2 plugins continually being made, but much fewer Linux VST plugins.
There are a few LV2 plugins I would have liked to try, so that would be a welcome addition for me.
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