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Originally Posted by azslow3 View Post
May be, why not?

Independent from what we want, in realty administrative department is using Windows ("bosses" use Apple and real scientists use Linux...). Windows servers are accessed remotely, from Linux based thin clients (the effort for Windows administration is drastically reduced that way). All real Windows computers and server have anti-virus installed, but something should effectively check e-mails. And here I am ready to apply whatever works good (money is not an issue). Not that we have no spam and virus protection already, but I have nothing against 1,2,3... filters more.

The biggest physic center (CERN, in France/Switzerland) is using MS for mail filtering. Funny, but when someone from that domain try to register on my DE experiment related site, I get notification "your e-mail could not be delivered, please login to your Office365 account to clarify"

But... I have not received a single spam e-mail on my address yet. So it may be overprotected, but it works.
I guess what I meant was, do Linux users need Microsoft to defend them if they aren't running a mail server?
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