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Originally Posted by Moulin View Post
I eventually sent my T4 back to the shop. It was a few months after I'd bought it but the shop did eventually accept it back and I got a credit note.
Good on you. Wish I'd done the same thing with my P6. The sysex file Nektar provided was buggy. Over half of the control surface functions were inoperative.

I gave them steps to reproduce.

Shouldn't have bothered. No update, ever.

Their new Studio One "driver" works better, but I'm still done with Nektar. They seem to do just enough software development to make the release videos, and then never touch them again.

I envy those who have had good luck with their support, that is, actually getting a resolution instead of a pleasant, timely, totally meaningless interaction with one or more of their tech support personnel.

I'd rather have just a good MIDI keyboard along with a FaderPort 8.

When money permits.
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