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Two of them working here, in REAPER v1.38, using the latest 4.5 VST plugins. There were a few specific REAPER "Preferences" tweaks that I had to figure out, to make it work with my UAD-1's & E6300 Duo Core DAW optimally. UAD-1's do seem to work much better now than in earlier REAPER versions. Might be that I now have a much faster DAW too. There are however, a number of caveats to consider. At least, on my system:

1) Native CPU munching is very prevalent at higher latencies. I have found that if you mix at very low latencies (128 samples/2.9msec or less) the chronic native CPU munching is non-existant. Since I use a E6300 Core Duo I can mix 20+ audio tracks (including a VSTi) and 12-18 DSP heavy UAD-1 plugins (80% or more DSP on 2 cards) and I rarely ever get out of the single digits (peaking in the low teens), in native CPU. Disabling/re-enabling the PPI's from the PM hardly budges the native CPU usage! If I raise the DAW latency to 1024 (23.2msec), due to the inevitable native CPU munching the CPU use jumps up to 30%-35% playing back the same project. So when using REAPER and UAD-1's it is actully less native CPU intensive to use extremely low latencies. Go figure!

2) When using multi-out VSTi's (like my EZdrummer) with UAD-1 plugins and routing those tracks to another track (bus) you get distorted audio when using the solo/mute functions. You have to stop and re-start playback to get rid of it.

3) When rendering/exporting, the REAPER Render Buffer Size must be the same size, as the REAPER/UAD-1 project latency. In my case, it is 128 samples (2.9msec). I think it defaults to 256, at initial install. Otherwise, your rendered audio will not export correctly and can be distorted.

4) Occaisionally, I will get a spike in the native CPU usage when I first press play. Then after a few seconds it settles back down to normal levels.

5) Occaisionally, I will experience a brief crackling in the audio when I first start playback, even though the native CPU usage is only in the single digits or teens.

Once I changed a few REAPER specific Preferences, from their defaults to UAD-1 friendly ones, lowered my project latency to 128 samples (2.9msec) and avoided soloing/muting VSTi multi-out tracks (those with UAD-1 plugins) everything has been pretty much hunky dory. No showstopping gotchas!
When heavily using UAD-1 plugins, project looping, editing (moving, slip-ediitng, fading tracks/clips) opening/closing/editing UAD-1 plugins is flawless and gapfree.
Overall, I am quite pleased with how my UAD-1's work with a $40 audio host like REAPER. Much better in fact than most DAW's costing ten or twenty times that amount!

If Justin could fix the solo/mute buga boo when using multi-out VSTi's with plugins requiring PDC annd the occaisional native CPU spike/crackle it would be pretty much perfect for me. I don't think Justin has a UAD-1 so I am not sure how much better it can get than it is now without some actual UAD-1 testing by the programmer himself though.


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