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Thanks again Justin - it does indeed work brilliantly (sorry took so long to reply - have had actual computer problems - at least I was able to restore from my backups!!


Something else I have noticed though....
I've got my PathSynch to always backup local-->remote, no matter what exists on the remote side

If I create a directory called "\Autumn Photos" and fill it with files, this synchs across fine.

If I then rename the local directory to "\Autumn Photos 2005", and run pathsync, it compares, and deletes the files in "\Autum Photos" on the remote drive, as expected, and re-creates them in a new "\Autumn Photos 2005" directory.

However, it leaves the empty "\Autumn Photos" directory behind on the remote drive....

....when you get a minute would it be possible to add an option that removes directories that have been deleted from the original structure?

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