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Well, something has definitely gone very wrong. I've tried converting these files to avi via QuickTime pro, mp4, which they ready are? And mpeg2 and wmv Via vlc player- Absolutely NOTHING gives me anything but a blank screen. Furthermore I now have a wmv file that I can't delete that I converted via vlc player. This is absolutely infuriating! I have a badass machine and a relatively badass video card and I can't watch video at all in reaper. I just uninstalled and reinstalled reaper. After reinstall I unchecked "use os..." and importing a vid didn't cause crash- still had only black screen, but no crash. After importing ffmpeg dll's (from the set u recommended) now reaped crashes when I import a vid file! WTF! Am I the only person on earth this is happening to? I really can't think of anything else to try. This is really the first time that I truly feel like the problem is reaper and not my own ignorance. Help please!
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