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Originally Posted by axolotl View Post
I tried with mp3 for audio instead. Still no picture, and filesize is small.

Can everyone but me (and maybe Blackbart) export .mov (quicktime with video) with success?

I have downloaded the codec files that is linked in the first post for 32-bit.

All other video encoding works (mpeg etc) but not when I export .mov with H.264. I only get black/none video + audio.

Please help

That is a bit weird. A fresh install will manage to produce a valid Quicktime with picture and MP3 audio every time.

Have you tried this with a fresh portable install and just the FFMPEG DLL files ?

Perhaps you should try uncompressed AVI with 16-bit PCM audio, and encode that with MPEG Streamclip in to a H264/AAC Quicktime.
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