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You can freely play with the colour space switches in the video preferences without any kind of nasty risks. Nothing bad can happen from it, and Reaper crashing isn't really like Protools crashing. It's just another variable to mess around with.

You don't have to send any in-development material to the devs, though they're keep it to themselves of course.

You can ask the picture department to produce ten seconds with timecode in front of a black frame for example. Tell them you've got problems with the video they've provided and you need to trouble-shoot it with the DAW developer. Generating that kind of video takes two minutes for veteran picture assistants. It has to use the same export settings they used for your previous video. Emphazise that.

And who knows, maybe they'll have an idea what the problem might be as well and send you different video versions.

Be sure to include the film inspector readout of the MP4 file as soon as possible. I really hate video problems like this and had some similar ones a long time ago with Reaper as well (v3), but those couldn't apply to these versions.

Btw, what are your system specs(mainboard, CPU, RAM, GFX card, gfx card driver version, audio device) ?

Here's a collection of tips from Avid, helping users to optimize their setups for use in Protools. That actually helps to use all DAWs, so you may want to check those out if you haven't already.

These tips are extremely useful, in particular the system settings like cpu scheduling for background services instead of programs, which can be found in the tab next door to the visual performance stuff I already mentioned.
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