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Default Getting warmer....

OK. So transcoding these files was also no problem (although for whatever reason in this version of streamclip (v1.2) there's no option for exporting PCM audio- even with your clips. OPtions are: Uncompressed, IMA4:1, MPEG4 AAC, MPEG Layer2, MPEG Layer3, and no sound. That problem seems secondary though. The real issue is that the vid supplied by my client crashed reaper (and I'm not talking about when I hit play- it crashed it when I imported it) and Streamclip gave me an error when I tried to transcode it. The files you sent appear to have many of the same qualities, but work absolutely fine in both Reaper and Streamclip, so something is very weird with the vid from my client. I'll ask them to send me some random clip transcoded the same way- see if I can duplicate behavior of the original problem clip then maybe send to you and/or devs? It's becoming obvious that there's some kind of video combination that's absolute poison to my machine, and I want to know what it is!
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