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Originally Posted by loop View Post
its cool, can you add rpn/nrpn?
They are on CC# 98-101.
Or did you mean something else?

Originally Posted by Dame Celia Molestrangler View Post
As a bump and a further plea regarding CC's ...

In the drop down box listing the CC's would it be possible to list the CC number AND its associated function by name. For example the CC for Volume is 7 but all it states is Volume. Easy one I know but some of the more less known ones (Freq Cutoff & Resonance for example) are listed by name only. Great if you know what the CC's are but not good if you want to know. Really useful if mapping them to a controller of some description also.
?? it shows the numbers here:

-- there is a limit of 1024 characters in JS FX for a slider definition, so some of the descriptions are a bit abbreviated.
-- the CC labels are the standard GM labels but you can change them if you want, open the file (e.g. in Notepad), find the labels and change them, then Save the file (don't use "Save as")
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