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I did quite a lot of JSFX stuff, but I never did a VST. But in my job I do C programming all day. So I do believe that I would be able to do VSTs, provided I use the appropriate tools (such as juce).

But when doing JSFX was very astonished about the performance that can be accomplished. I did a rather complex thingy based on FFTand it takes a lot less CPU than I would have expected.

Regarding DSP performance the EEL system can't be compared with e.g. LUA or Python.

OTOH in a discussion recently going on, Geraintluff said the 30 channel EQ he did in his JSFX project takes more CPU than he thinks is tolerable when using multiple instances.

For experienced programmers, the JSFX EEL language might be a bit suspicious, as in certain aspects it works quite different from most other languages (but for a reason! ).

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