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Originally Posted by olilarkin View Post
IPlug2 will be an excellent way to get into the VST rabbit hole with minimal pain (stay tuned). JUCE is ok too :-)

JSFX is very nice if you want to keep one foot out of the rabbit hole, but actually the code can be pretty nasty. lack of proper "objects" is a problem.

Are you aware of the MCFX plugins if you need a 16 channel EQ?

Some more awesome free plugins for ambisonics recently released from IEM researchers
Ooh! These IEM plugins look very nice! I have just downloaded them and will give them a run shortly. I really like the descriptions of the shoebox too.

My main Ambisonic plugins are the core ones from Blue Ripple and two of their paid suites (decoders and upmixers). The only thing I don't like about the Blue Ripple ones is the license system that requires a connection to their server every few weeks to keep them running. What happens if they close up shop one day or I lose access to their server for some reason? I might have to run this past Richard (Blue Ripple creator) again as I might well have my DAW PC completely offline shortly.

The plugins by Matthias I have installed but never really figured them out. I'm also working in third order now and last I checked, these were first order. It seems he's done some updates since I last looked so I might have to revisit these.

Perhaps I might hold off for a while for your "stay tuned" information, especially now that those IEM plugins contain some of the primary reasons I am looking into coding plugins in the first place.
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