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Originally Posted by Getstew View Post
Thanks for this!
The right-click option doesn't work. I see the option you mention, but checked or not, it makes not difference.

By unpack on the 2nd option, I assume you mean pull it from the color themes folder, re-open Reaper then re-install?

Thanks, again!
By "unpacking", I mean renaming the theme's filename extension from ReaperthemeZip to Reapertheme.Zip basically adding the . just after the Reapertheme part.

That should make it a zip file which you can extract. In the extracted folder there will be all the theme's images. You can find the image for the playrate knob and either delete it or you can rename it without deleting it just in case.
You can also find a text file called rtconfig which you can remove the WALTER code line for the playrate knob.
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