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Attention future archeologists who find this among the wreckage:

Well, I know this thread is REALLY old now. Ironically, I have switched some of my audio work OVER to PC for various reasons. This has offered me the privilege of using PathSync for the first time and I've found it fast and effective for exactly what it promises to do. I wish Macs had this app.

However, as a long time (1993) Mac user, I've been using Deja Vu (Tiger/Leopard version), which works well, but doesn't offer the logging feature for comparisons as PathSync does.

But to be honest, I find cloning my HD every week is actually just as convenient. I use CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) for that and it does what Deja Vu does (if set to sync and mirror contents)
Luckily, I've discovered the free Seagate Disk Wizard to make bootable images on PC.

Anyone there? Hello?
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