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Originally Posted by ljekio View Post
What is "/track/%d/select"?
%d matches any integer so this will match any string like "/track/1/select" and "/track/2/select" etc.

Originally Posted by ljekio View Post
If I know name of OSC-host and OSC sending parameter, what I must write at this string?
In your example, what is the OSC string being sent from TouchOSC and any parameters or variable parts of the string? This string will be visible in the OSCII-bot console window. This will then be used to determine the corresponding matching format string for oscmatch(...)

The way that format strings are written in EEL2 & OSCII-bot scripts is similar to the widely used "C" programming language so this explanation of format strings (for scanf in "C") might also be helpful

Originally Posted by ljekio View Post
....and "msg3 = fmt0" is value from oscmatch, right?
Yes that is right. Note that using fmt0 is deprecated but it should still work if your example needs to catch a value for use in the Midi output. The other script examples given in the earlier posts contain examples of the current recommended way of catching the matched value.
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