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Originally Posted by Ory C View Post
Hi BobbyS.
Thanks for the link to the tutorial. But I still haven't worked out how get the GUI for SSD5 to show up in Reaper. I've directed Reaper to the SSD5 VSTs - I'm just not sure what I'm supported to do now to start using it. Should I create individual tracks in a project for each drum and cymbal available, or can I simply click a link and see the kit? I'm really flat footed here.

How do you actually see or open SSD5 in Reaper?

(Also thanks to the others who also responded. I did disappear after I posted my question as I was on family vacation, and while I thought I'd get time to work on learning and using Reaper - I had not time to myself - but great times were had. I did also have correspondence with Paul Hessing from Slate Digital earlier - Paul was a great help in some respects, But I don't want to bother him further with my issue as I think my issue is really just inexperience, and this is just their freebie. I do however feel like I may have contributed something here, as there was a typo in their download instructions for the Free version; previously it stated to select the 'Full Library' however Paul confirmed this was a typo and updated it...on July 10th....
But that is not the source of my inaptness with all these 1's and 0's).
did you watch the install video? If not, watch it and pay special attention to how to set up a Base Directory.

If you did that, you should be able to add a track and select the fx button (on the right side of the track)and a menu should open. you should be able to select VSTi under "All Plugins" in the left window and it should show SSD5 in the right side window.Click on SSD5 sampler and the whole kit should open.

oh, and if you don't get sound after getting the plugin open you might take a look here:

Hope this helps

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