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Originally Posted by BobbyS View Post
did you watch the install video? If not, watch it and pay special attention to how to set up a Base Directory.

If you did that, you should be able to add a track and select the fx button (on the right side of the track)and a menu should open. you should be able to select VSTi under "All Plugins" in the left window and it should show SSD5 in the right side window.Click on SSD5 sampler and the whole kit should open.

oh, and if you don't get sound after getting the plugin open you might take a look here:

Hope this helps
That's the ticket. I didn't realise I needed to create it within a track first - that is kind of skipped (or I plain missed it) in the SSD5 demos. I'll be sure to link the Base Directory.

Thanks again BobbyS. Very much appreciated.
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