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This is a copy of a post I added to the "Going All Freeware" thread in Aug 2011:

I would like to share how I installed LinuxSampler (w/ Fantasia front end) on an offline WindowsXP 32 DAW as a "portable" plugin.
Previous posts in this thread (~#440s and ~#460s) shared my frustration with the installer EXE requiring an internet connection and the auto downloading of Java. Plus I like to keep my system "clean"- one never knows exactly how an installation app is altering one's system.

Note that these instructions are XP/32-bit specific; I would love to hear that this works on Win7-32 and -64 bit!

Part I
A. Since my DAW is NOT connected to the internet, I downloaded the Java installation
from another computer and copied to the DAW PC via thumbdrive.

B. The "full" Java offline install (~16 MB) is available at:

C. After Java is installed, I simply disable the "jusched" process (Java Update Checker) from running on startup:
1. Start -> Control Panel -> Java
2. Navigate to the "Update" tab, uncheck "Check for updates automatically"
3. Navigate to the "Advanced" tab, expand the JRE Auto-download section, and choose "Never auto-download"

Part II
A. Download the latest Windows build of LinuxSampler from:

and then transfer to DAW PC

Note that the latest download(s) INCLUDE the 64-bit version (even though the link name indicates otherwise).
You can see they are building quite often (almost daily). Recent changes are published under the "Latest Subversion Commits" section at

(It appears as if the new sfz v2 format support is the current #1 priority!)

B. Use 7zip ( to extract setup file:
i.e. linuxsampler_20110820_setup.exe -> 7zip -> extract to \linuxsampler_20110820_setup
(when asked to "Confirm File Replace" respond 'Yes to All')

C. Create destination folder:
i.e. c:\VST\LinuxSampler
(For organizational purposes, I store my plugins in individual subfolders under C:\VST i.e c:\VST\Synth1\Synth1.dll, c:\VST\Oatmeal\Oatmeal.dll, etc.)

If 32-bit OS:
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\$[42]\LinuxSampler32.dll to destination folder
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\32\ folder to destination folder
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\Fantasia-0.9.jar to destination subfolder "\32"
Add destination folder\32 to PATH environment variable: (i.e. "c:\VST\linuxsampler\32") see below

If 64-bit OS:
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\$[43]\LinuxSampler64.dll to destination folder
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\64\ folder to destination folder
Copy \linuxsampler_20110820_setup\Fantasia-0.9.jar to destination subfolder "\64"
Add destination folder\64 to PATH environment variable: (i.e. "c:\VST\linuxsampler\64") see below

To Edit PATH environment variable:
1. Launch "System Properties" dialog (My Computer (right click) -> Properties)
2. Navigate to "Advanced" and press "Environment Variables" button
3. Highlight "Path" under the lower "System Variables" section:
4. Press "Edit..." button
5. In the dialog that appears, add a semicolon follwed by the destination folder used to the END of the Variable Value (i.e. ;c:\VST\LinuxSampler\32)
6. Press OK to all open dialogs

D. Cleanup
Delete the setup exe and the extracted \linuxsampler_20110820_setup folder.

Part III - Usage
The first time LinuxSampler is run as a plugin under Reaper the user is prompted to "Specify a home directory for JSampler", browse to the destination directory (i.e. "c:\VST\LinuxSampler"). Instruments are added in rack format. In order to play the 2nd loaded instrument (i.e. on midi channel 2) one must the set track to "map midi input to ch 2"
Similar for 3rd rack space, 4th rack space, etc.

Part IV - Other
The plugin is hardcoded to create a "C:\Documents and Settings\[UserName]\.linuxsampler" folder which stores "instruments.db" file.
This feature prevents LinuxSampler from being a "truly portable" plugin- I plan on asking them to change the code such that the user is asked where to store this file.

Hopefully this information is useful for someone who's looking to add a powerful free sampler to their VSTi arsenal.
As a big fan of the sfz file format, this is a forward looking solution to the ol' rgc:audio sfz sampler.
Plus, there is the ability to open gig files. (Some free gig files:
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