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Thanks for the comments y’all.

Seems like everybody clicked through and listened to the one featured track? Funnily enough, that one is literally just a transposed petty song. I even stole a couple of his lyrics. I never would have thought my voice sounded anything like his, but I guess the delivery is kind of there. This is kind of the most generally palatable off the album. Like a way to trick people into listening more, but since it’s way toward the end, it’s kind of also a reward for anybody listening through the whole thing.

The rest of it kind of goes all over the place from weird experimental industrial and shoegazey stuff to things that lean toward no wave and noise rock with some obscure ambient drone thrown in for good measure. I know we’re all busy, but if you could find time to listen to some of the other tracks, I’d love to hear what you think.

@toleolu - Never been to Wadena. Might have driven through once or twice, but I had to google it. I’m actually 5 miles south of Superior, WI (Five Miles From Nowhere Studio), but nobody really wants to admit they live on this side of the bridge.

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