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Originally Posted by Jeffsounds View Post
I always end up with 9 errors after I synchronize packages and all 9 say the same thing
These FXs were initially distributed separately but were later bundled together as a single package. The bundle cannot be installed as long as the separate packages are still there.

To fix this simply uninstall them (they're in Package Browser > Display: Obsolete).
Or try the release candidate of ReaPack v1.1: it has a feature for dealing with obsolete packages when synchronizing and avoiding these errors.

Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
I suppose this would require Reaper to be installed on the internet aware PC. Doable, but IMHO not perfect.
Installing REAPER takes less than 15 seconds, so I see that as a feature (more possible use cases and way easier to make) rather than an issue.

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