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Default 64 bit vs 32 bit, Win OS vs Reaper

In the install instructions you might want to consider clarifying which ReaPack should be downloaded. It says "select the one that matches the Reaper architecture" or something like that...

What I fould:
Running Reaper 32 bit - download ReaPack 32 bit
Running Reaper 64 bit - download ReaPack 64 bit

Seems obvious, right? But I run Reaper 32 bit on a 64 bit Win7 PC.
So, after loading the 64 bit Reapack, I was left scratching my head as to why it wouldn't work... I finally figured out that the ReaPack 32bit goes with Reaper 32bit.

It should give some indication that the OS wordsize is not important, what matters is the Reaper wordsize.

For those of you who use ReaMenu - The ReaPack Menu item shows up under Memory->Default menu: Main Extensions->ReaPack. I'll probably add a copy to the Memory menu so it will show up there too.

Thanks to the OP for his amazing work on this thing!!!

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