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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
No problem and welcome to the forum. Be sure to just plug the faderport in to see if is recognized too just in case. I ran the installer and cancelled before the firmware installer and I didn't see any actual driver that ends in .sys which makes me think it is class compliant and just shows up as a USB device. If that is the case you may be able to plug it in, then goto Reaper > Control Surfaces and choose FaderportXT from the list if using our extended version or select Faderport if using the built in version. We could be overthinking this.
Thanks for the welcome Karbo,it's appreciated, having engaged my brain while at work and thought through what you said, I installed the V_138 firmware from my laptop (no USB 3 ports) and it went without an hitch, then followed your instructions, "Copy the reaper_csurf_fpxt library file to the UserPlugins folder." Reaper options- faderport XT and set it up, restarted Reaper and Faderport sprung into life, seems the basic functions are working like they should, I've not had time to try the extended features so can't say If they work yet, I'm limited for time until the weekend, this is my night shift week so time is short and my brain's frazzled, but I'll try out as much as I can and report back, hopefully this will help others that find themselves in a similar position.

PS. I copied the, reaper_csurf_fpxt into the Reaper folder, is that the correct location?

Just like to thank You and the rest of the Reaper community, I love the ethos behind reaper and what you guys are achieving, it restores this mans faith in humanity.

PPS, I raised a ticket with Presonus, for help with this problem, still awaiting reply, perhaps these company's have a lot learn from people like yourself.
once again thanks a lot.
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