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Originally Posted by The_Nimaj View Post
Is REAPER closing gracefully? I don't have this issue and the default driver that comes with also REAPER doesn't do this AFAIK. REAPER will close the plugin which turns off all of the lights. So unless REAPER is actually crashing, then they should be off.
Yep, Reaper is closing gracefully. Definitely not crashing.

When I say I can't get the lights off after exiting Reaper without pulling the power. I mean the USB cable, not the power cable. Power for the lights must come from USB as pulling the power cable makes no difference... it must only provide the power for the motorised fader.

I have the Faderport plugged into a powered USB hub. I'm thinking being plugged into a powered USB port may have something to do with it. I'll see what happens in a non-powered port now and get back to you.
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