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Oh so cool, at least a tutorial about GUI :P
I am full into GFX these days, so timing is quite good !

I have almost the same hextorgb function than you but I have added an extra optional parameter for alpha channel (between 0 to 1). It is a bit more flexible.

Very important thing to precise :
  • Shapes are drawn every time the script loop (with the defer function). If a draw function get outside the defer loop, then it's shape isn't drawn.
  • Shapes are not object. You can't change their z-depth, rotation and color once they have already be drawn. Consider the GFX canvas as paint 1.0.
As my only experience with interface came from web design, this was not that easy to handle for me (as it is the total opposite).

Thanks for the initiative,
Waiting for the next part !


ps : thanks for the spotlight on my tutorial !
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