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Originally Posted by cjaxis View Post
Steps to reproduce:

1. Start play and then press record MIDI, so left edge of MIDI item not start on grid division.
2. Quantize recorded notes 100% by grid.
3. Zoom in maximum to left edge of any quantized note.
4. See that note start is not on grid, a bit earlier or later.
5. Snap left edge of item to grid and glue.
6. Now see on notes like in p.4 - they now start on grid.
This drives me absolutely crazy. This happens even when the MIDI item starts on the grid.


I think I know why this is happening:

It happens automatically when I select "record: input (audio or MIDI)."
Doesn't happen when selecting "record: MIDI overdub" or "record: output (MIDI)."

EDIT2: Ah, it only happens when recording with "preserve PDC delayed monitoring" though. Thanks btw, Julian.
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