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Originally Posted by thunderbroom View Post
lucas, just tested, and the transport looks just fine and works perfectly in LCS Gold, without any changes other than changing themes. Nice work!
Thanks! appreciate you checking this for me.
I will add it as the default with the next update.

Originally Posted by Rusty Falcon View Post
Wow, new favorite theme! I had been using a version of Blackmore that I'd been hacking on but really enjoy Solaris_LCS_Blue.

This may be a trivial question but never hurts to ask...

The Transport bar position text is pretty large and I'd like to change the font size to something smaller so that the Transport Bar takes up less vertical space, in fact be as narrow as possible vertically.

Is this a Theme Tweaker adjustment or do I have to dig into the theme itself ?

Thank you!
Thank you!
yes, you will need to dig into the theme to resize the transport.
The text size is dependent on the length.
Float the transport or position it to the top or bottom of the Arrange window and slide it to the left or right to see the change.
I'll be changing the transport layout soon.
I could look at making thinner version if you don't mind waiting.

Originally Posted by jeranx View Post
Hi, just standing there for the answer.

I'm guessing this was joke referring to his avatar or did you mean you also wanted to know?

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