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I did a port of my Linux / Mac / Windows plug-ins to RPi / ARM Linux about a year ago, but we recently discontinued those builds due to lack of downloads / sales (read - didn't even cover the cost of the board) - which I always felt was disappointing. It would be interesting to know if there's renewed interest in the RPi as an audio platform.
(Its amazing that you can run a DAW on such a tiny computer, but its something of an odd platform for audio given that once the cost of the extra hardware required - and, yes, the plug-ins / software etc... - is factored in you could probably get a second hand dell desktop etc for about the same price and have massively superior performance - would be interesting to know some of the use cases)

For development I used both the pisound mentioned previously and the HifiBerry DAC+ together with Ubuntu MATE 1604 for RPi all with very good results. USB interfaces can be of variable quality

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