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Haven't tried it, but that's what I read too.

Watch out.

This is for the Banana Pi. It probably won't work on the Raspberry Pi. The reason probably is the mediocre network performance of the Raspberry Pi, because it uses network over USB.

Even if the latest Raspberry Pi touts a Gbit ethernet port, it won't get over 300 Mbps. Not enough for multi-channel audio over network.

The Banana Pi has a SATA port, which makes connecting a SSD or a harddisk that much easier. With the Raspberry Pi, that SSD will also connect over the one internal USB2 port, just like the network.

The best thing about the Raspberry Pi is it's large community and the availability of a lot of hardware. Even multi-channel audio interfaces, fi. The Banana Pi has a lot smaller community and some Raspberry Pi hardware won't work with it.
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