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Originally Posted by audiojunkie View Post
This is great!! Thank you OSXMidi!!! I also think he's going the best route by having them be two separate programs.
It really is great Have you tried it? The latest version, 1.62, appends "[vst3]" to the plugin name. But unless it's just weirdness on my setup, which it very well could be, it still appears to show up as VST2. This might be by design? Because native Linux Reaper doesn't support VST3? However, I'm pretty sure it's LinVst3 that CREATED VST3 and VST3i folders! I swear those weren't there before. It's beta, so that could just be some temporary coding infrastructure. I'm pretty sure Reaper isn't just replacing the VST2 version (which I have first in the Reaper plugin paths) since the VST3 is renamed. It's being replaced and THEN renamed. Maybe, lol.

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