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Originally Posted by todoublez View Post
After trying ur method, it works,but I don't get it.
Why does it work?
now I only assign one outboard for each track.
I'll be testing it by adding more gear on random track, extending the signal chain randomly, and see how it goes.

thx for the info !
very appreciated.
It works because you are using the same hardware round trip latency for all channels which is their input - output conversion and because you have removed ReaInsert which i remember reading causes problems with multiple hardware units.

This is disappointing to hear as it suggests Reainsert is still not fixed.

It will not work if you send tracks out to hardware and back in and then route them to a group which you also send out to hardware as that is then TWO round trips per channel compared to one for the 'everything else' group. In that case you could maybe try reainsert only on the group that is on its second round trip ( ie to hardware ) as you mention one instance of reainsert works as expected. This is in agreement with what i have read when previous people have tried to use multi reainserts.

I used to use a hardware mixer with groups to avoid this but am retired now.

The buffer setting in reaper is different and is cpu dependent as explained above. if your system is struggling and you dont need live channel monitoring, can use 1024 buffer size to allow increased time for processing. Very handy for mixing large projects.

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