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I am a (X)sonar user so to be honest I am still evaluating reaper, but I think as of now cake wont get another dime

I wanted to mention if this is repeated Im sorry...Im new to the forum
if you are a bcf user use encoder 5 (the hui emulation)
and use reapers hui csurf you can do as many bcfs linked as you want

press in on the pan encoder to arm track press EXIT button to record etc everything works 100%
this is probably number 10 on my list of why I am switching but it makes
life soooo much easier

I need to try this MCU add so sorry for the highjack(great way to make a first post I know) just trying to be helpfull

what a fantastic DAW this is


oh Marcadiablo if it says cant open midi port bcf2000*** only select it as a control surface not as a midi device

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