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OK, I was just out looking for some answers and found out that Harrison MixBus is available for Linux! (sorry. off topic, but that is pretty cool if ya like Ardour IMHO...)

So I grabbed one of the recommended distros, AV Linux & booted the Live DVD...and it does not allow me to use the Delta. It is doing the SAME THING as ReMix. I load up Mepis 8.5 & 11, everything is OK...??!

I then noticed that ReMix and AV Linux has something in common, the liquorix kernel....I wonder if it is that causing my problems?

I am off to locate some other audio Linux distros that use this kernel to see if this is it. I will also activate my built-in AC97 chip to see how this works with ReMix....

I really want this distro to succeed!
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