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Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
We have ignition!
I do have a question...I started Jack up for the test & when I was checking out the Wine ASIO panel. I then shut everything down & just re-opened Reaper without starting Jack and everything came back up & working Jack starting automatically? In the Setup panel the Start with program box is not checked, so I was curious if it is needed when running programs under Wine or not...
This was my experience also, Smurf.
I messed around with JACK first, trying to get audio in 'native' linux first instead of just booting up Reaper.

Once I'd followed Remixer's tip regarding sound hardware selection in Root JACK Control, I booted Reaper from... Multimedia (?)... (sorry, in OSX at the mo' so not sure) and it worked well, all bar not having the second audio outs available, which is a wineASIO config file edit (also posted earlier in this thread).

I noted that if you leave Root Jack open but not started, kick-start Reaper, then go back and have a look at the Root JACK panel, you'll see it's been kicked-off by Reaper.

Since the intent of this distro seems to be built around easy-as-possible operation of Reaper in Linux, there's probably some under-the-hood magic going on

I think I need to order some swappable drive bays....
... or a decent BIOS on the mobo to select your boot drive of choice....
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