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Default I think this is more user & hardware issues than a Reaper post, but...

Hi Remixer,

I had a couple of linux-user issues, one with the install of an app, and the other looking for the bluetooth manager that I could have sworn was in the beta.

Anyway, I've scraped away some of the noob-rust I'd built-up and sorted these out myself.

Now one which I suspect may relate either to some module/driver-level linux thing for my hardware. Although the wineASIO config file does not have the channel "limitations" in the release version of Remix as the beta did, I'm still not getting audio from the Kore Controller's headphone output.

Record 2 in, playback two out. I can even set up more output channels, and Reaper even shows the four channels in the routing matrix but when I select channels 3&4 (as I would in Win or OSX in Reaper), I get nothing.

In JACK I get two entries for my USB hardware hw:2 and hw:2,0 and as yet I haven't been able to establish which is which. Any clues, suggestions here would be welcome

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