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Originally Posted by SonicAxiom View Post
thanks, Eliseat, for being the first individual on earth to notice that I'm "hochbegabt"

I really can't see anything "weird" or "complicated" in my ideas. This is actually fairly basic video (editing) stuff and has been part of other video editing software for decades. I'm happy with how Reaper is developing on the video side right now but there are still a few things that could make video editing much more efficient...

'ne schööne Jroooß rövver nach Kölle ussm Berjischen Land

That's of course true. My assumption about your "Hochbegabung" was kind of a reference to your writing style as you made your posts look like as it would be some stupid newbie questions. So I was surprised to find serious facts inside.

Actually I have no idea of how reaper handles the frame-wise positioning of videos. I just placed them and never had problems. But it is of course the best method to let the ruler show frame subdivisions which gives the possibility of positioning video clips exactly.
Interlacing only shows up in older videos as most of the modern cameras record solid frames. And internet clips are also mainly not interlaced. But if you have to use older material then its of course a problem. Not sure about how Reaper can handle such things but there is a de-interlace preset in the video processor.
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