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Default No-padding and window-oriented modes

It would be great to be able to switch LICEcap to no-padding mode, where recorded would be anything within LICEcap window boundaries (no controls within it).

It would be super convenient. That way it would be very easy to record half of the workspace for instance, by stroking Win+Left/Right in Windows 7 on LICEcap window before recording.

Similarly great would be ability to select window, which position and dimensions should be applied to LICEcap recording boundaries before recording starts. I would call it window-oriented mode.

My Windows programming skills are more than rusty, but I may have a look at it some day, if Cockos devs wouldn't be interested in such stuff themselves. OTOH I believe it may be workarounded to some extent using AHK, but haven't used it lately either.
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