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Apollo X
That has it's own power supply, right? "Mosquito noise" usually gets into an interface (or USB mic) through the USB power.

I've been getting the same sound on this monitors, but also on my computer simple speakers that are plugged into the jack of it.
It's good to know the monitors are OK.

...But if the monitors are OK the points to the interface. Maybe it's picking-up some electro-magnetic interference. Try moving the interface (and cables) around to see if the noise gets better or worse. Try taking your cell phone out of the room.

It happens also when I plug my guitar to play and record
Of course guitars are famous for hum/buzz pickup but you know what that sounds like.

, even on my microphone (SM7B)
That's a famously "weak" mic which degrades the signal-to-noise ratio and the noise is boosted when you boost the signal. But, I'd expect regular-constant preamp hiss.
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