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Default more debugging capabilities

Reaper interaction is very dense. It is not always immediately apparent what you have changed, selected, modified. A running log of activity (different from undo) would be useful to view, understand, debug and report bugs and state. In fact, it could be a replay log that would allow state reconstruction from bug reports.

* Mouse modifiers - it's very hard to see what you have selected on the screen. I select "mouse modifiers" (CMD-,) and frequently the selected area is a bit of a mystery. A log would tell me.
* Key+Left Drag - I spent two hours figuring out on the mac that you have to release the trackpad after the drag BEFORE the modifier key for Marquee Zoom to work. I only noticed this by observing the "tool tips" in the bottom left corner. This gave me the idea for a more complete system.

Maybe this is too complicated, I don't know, but combing dated forum posts and inaccurate manuals is quite a challenge. Keeping the documentation up to date is also a challenge and I would willingly contribute directly to get the manual up to date.
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