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Originally Posted by bigwoody can easily accomplish similar effects using many other VST's available like Classic Chorus and or Delay, that we know work perfectly with Reaper. well as the effects available within Reaper itself. The Rea-plugs combined with the myriad routing options...well...the new (for me) possibilities have led me to pretty much dump my old way of doing things and returned me to experimenting with sound, not making noises sound the way they do because of the path they have to take. For example, take your fave synth or loop or whatever and try using an increase in number of channels allowed through that first track as a means to manipulate the most minute aspects of that initial sound...before it even gets sent to other tracks and/or effects...manipulate the source before it gets outsourced and use whatever parts of it (not length but harmonic structure [?]) that you'd like...or not... and then start checking out your fave vst on those chunks...

This instead of long chains of vsti stretching out toward the horizon...which is still kinda fun...

edit: I shoulda just said feel free to move around to the sides a little before moving ahead..

dang it...

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