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Default Track colour for XamiKami

Originally Posted by XamiKami View Post
First of all, thanks man! I've got all my modifications i wanted to make to work!

But the coloring remains not working.

<snip> It seems to fail at the
oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, "t/track/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8/select/toggle", 1);
Because every other Line in the BankSwitch Part of the Code does function. Any ideas?
I guess you'll need more information, but i just don't know how to give you more :3
Great to hear that it's all there as wished beyond the last colour function. Glad to be of some assistance. Enjoy.

One could try one of Banned's alternative track colour solutions?

"not working" and "fail" could perhaps be a more helpful description of what actually happens. Does nothing at all happen (possibly), do things happen partially but insufficiently, does the wrong thing happen unexpectedly, is there a spectacular crash or lockup of OSCII-bot or Reaper or the whole OS (unlikely)? All that's needed is just a succint, structured plain language description of the problem context, any symptoms perhaps with screenshots or explicit error messages. Give the version numbers of all relevant software to give config insight. Quote code fragments that are complete and easy read to see the context. In a hospital we need to say more than "ill" to help a doctor to help us....

1. Check that the string "t/track/1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8/select/toggle" is being seen and sent to Reaper in the OSCII-bot console window. Comment out other code temporarily if needs be to see what one is looking for amongst other irrelevant or noisy OSC and Midi traffic.

2. Try Reaper's OSC monitor (the 'Listen' button on the OSC Control Surface Settings page) to check the messages are being received by Reaper.

3. Check that there is a corresponding
TRACK_SELECT t/track/@/select/toggle
line in MidiMix.ReaperOSC (This is there in the .ReaperOSC file supplied in this MIDIMIX thread)

4. Check that the .ReaperOSC file in use or being edited really is the one you think it is, and that it is active : this odious config problem can catch the .ReaperOSC tweaker and OSC user unawares.

5. This advice from Banned may help . Pay consideration to the advice on DEVICE_TRACK_FOLLOWS and also the comments in the .ReaperOSC file on this since this "following" behaviour is functionally quite subtle yet significant depending on how you want your Reaper and the [MIDIMIX] controller to behave.

6. Beyond that it's an exercise in troubleshooting Reaper or Reaper's OSC: search the forums endlessly, painstakingly and think....

7. Goto 6

8. Check on a friend's Reaper or on a temporary completely clean installation of Reaper on another Mac or PC? Or a different Reaper 5 version? If the track colour does work, (like it does for other users who already don't see this problem) what is the difference and why?

9. If all else fails and it looks like the code is sound but a Reaper OSC action is not working, raise a separate thread, or add to a different post asking for help on this single specific Reaper/OSC/OSCII-bot sounding issue, or even if really, really sure by reporting a bug (there is a long OSC bug thread).

Good luck.

Originally Posted by XamiKami View Post
I tried downloading the MidiMonitor+OSC-IO script but the link is dead, so i can't use that. Maybe you could send me that script so i could debug a bit better :3
Yes some of Banned's links are now dead, since the user guide was published. Shame that Banned went away. Actually this script won't really tell any more than the OSCII-bot console window does so it's a bit of a red herring: in retrospect it's more of an exercise in Banned's first steps in graphics coding. At some point, either I might remove the reference to it altogether from the user guide, or perhaps I will modify or repackage Banned's script into the release if it can be of use.

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