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Step #12 implemented - seems to work OK. I literally replaced the whole "oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, reaper_action, 41743);" with "switch_midimix_mode();" (I mean: with nothing between the brackets), I hope I did it right.

As of buttons, I need them to:
- work only in toggle mode
- be generically mappable like a knob
- show current parameter state via LED if possible - that would be cool
- two virtal layers (with the second available via the "solo" switch) would be even cooler.

Some time ago I tried to use Korg Nanokontrol's buttons to launch Reaper's actions. There were problems when these buttons were set to "momentary" - Reaper was then opening and closing windows very fast (they were literally flickering). After I changed them to "toggle", it worked OK, though the LED's were alternately swiching on and off, which was a bit misleading in case of just launching an action.

I don't know in which mode operate the buttons in your tool now, but they work OK (no strange behavior in Reaper when launching actions). I attached one action to the bottom row (it seems the whole row shares one parameter anyway), and another action to the right upper knob.
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